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Interview (mov)

Interview (mov)




The Future Sound Of Montreal 1 (kag01)


The Sound Art Philosophy - Relax



The Urban Element - Trippin (featuring Melissa Elton)



Monsieur Max - Salon



Ra-Faelle - No Need



The Sound Art Philosophy - Speak Your Mind



The Funky Filter - Fanne Dans Le Gris



Monsieur Max - Sunfall



The Urban Element - Contact (featuring Calisto)



Singin' Ease - Nites Like These



Audio Sculpture - Intermede



Ra-Faelle - Bombs In The Sky



Singin' Ease - Harlem 58



Neibu - Dependance



The Urban Element - Tapestry of Triumph



Monsieur Max - Next Door (featuring SuperAgent 69)



Monsieur Max - Next Door (69 Club remix)


Montreal, October 8th, 2003 - A man and a woman, two countries, two missions: bring the chill spirit to Montreal and show the world Montreal’s Chill artists. That is how this project began. The Future Sound of Montreal is the result of more than one year of nonstop music research. The people behind it are:

Mauricio Svanstrom, executive producer / creative director of FSM. Mauricio holds a vast career on the international advertising business. His roots are a very uncommon mix between Mexican and Swedish blood. This multidisciplinary artist and creative director also works as a music supervisor for 3 independent featured films. “Through the selection process of the musicians for the films I had the opportunity to find great talents from Montreal" – Says Mauricio. His big passion has always been the radio scene where he developed/produced several radio shows. In Montreal he developed and produced "The Lounge King Show", a kind of loungy and very cool 007 world full of cocktails, martinis and Space age pop blended with jazzy & groove modern beats, the host, one of a kind: Imagine the Sean Connery James Bond style meeting Antonio Banderas …The result? The Lounge King, a classy and singular character with a Latin-Spanish accent in the delivery of his lines, accompanied by his sidekick, a French "Brigitte Bardot-like" woman-in-the-60s (the Superagent 69) which makes the whole experience over-the-top.

The other show is Atmosphere 69, a "Chillout Retrospacial experience". This concept develops a "Barbarella" acoustic decoration with the Chillout downtempo beats and a touch of electronica, where the Superagent 69 is the smooth and irresistible only host.

THE FUTURE SOUND OF MONTREAL is the FIRST 100% Chillout music collective from Quebec (which could compete easily with any Café del Mar, Hotel Costes or Mezzanine de Alcazar collections). The album is compiled by the Superagent 69 and is presented by the Lounge King on his new label King-A-Groove records, which has the goal to achieve and produce a new generation of loungy, multicultural and cool music artists from Quebec.

THE SOUND: The album goes from a sound vibes that could come from the futuristic 70's Montreal structures (such as the Olympic Stadium and Biodome) with The Sound Art Philosophy (John Brennan) to the acoustic street landscapes of The Urban Element (Chris) painted with the silky voice of Calisto (Jess) passing through the lucid lyrics and deep voice ( used as an instrument ) of RaFaelle to finally dive into the moods of Monsieur Max (Maxim Lepage), the sonic designs on Audio Sculpture (Thierry Gauthier), the poetry of The Funky Filter (Danny Almeida), the colors of Slingin' Ease (Colin Mctavish) and the Brazilian sound layers of Neibu (Patrick Beaubien). The album features one song by the Superagent 69 with Monsieur Max called "Next door", a rhythm fantasy! Anyhow, the best way for describe this work is to listen to it.

The Sound Art Philosophy - Relax

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